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Sama Morvarid Asia International Transport Company is ready to provide services to merchants and esteemed owners of goods with the aim of providing the best service at minimum cost and using the knowledge of its experienced staff in the field of international transportation. All parts of the world to Iran and vice versa, by air, sea and land, along with all logistics services.

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Globally recognized for our ability to handle every last detail of our customers’ specific logistics and transportation needs, Sama Marwarid’s dedicated service team takes care of all your logistics.

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With more than 300 professional and experienced experts directly and indirectly


Maritime Transportation

Using different types of containers in the form of small cargo or bulk cargo from all ports in the world to Iranian ports and vice versa


 road transportation

From all European sources and other places by truck in the form of small cargo or bulk cargo using Iranian and foreign fleets


 railroad transportation

From all European sources and other places by train as small cargo or bulk cargo using Iranian and foreign railway lines


Transportation of dangerous goods

Using different modes of transportation (air, land, sea)


Project transportation

and heavy and super heavy cargo with non-standard dimensions by special trucks from all over the world to Iran and vice versa


Multimodal and combined transportation

Using several modes of transportation to transport cargo


Air transportation

Refrigerated and non-refrigerated from all parts of the world to Iran and vice versa


Bulk sea transportation

From all the ports of the world to the ports of Iran and vice versa



Switch bill of lading refers to a type of international transport document that is used to hide information about the sender and receiver of goods in international transactions. These documents are usually used to circumvent sanctions in international transportation

A forwarder is a person or a company that, in exchange for a reward, provides the requirements for the transportation of goods from one country to another. It is also a transport designer, but it is not responsible for the goods itself, but as an intermediary. A professional between the sender and the person who receives the goods and acts as a carrier on the one hand, which is called a broker.

In our country and in Sama Marwarid company, all shipping terms are used and offered, but on average, most used terms are EXW, FCA, FOB, CFR terms.

It means the time of receiving cargo and goods from the origin to the destination after loading and transferring to the warehouse at the origin.

Free Time (Free Time) at the origin is the time when the empty container is delivered from the container yard to the renter and until the renter delivers the full container. Free time at the destination, from the time the full container is delivered to the cargo owner and until the time the empty container is transferred to the container area, otherwise it is subject to the demurrage law.

In general, hazardous, flammable goods, acids, chemicals, batteries, etc. are considered dangerous cargoes, and special measures must be taken to transport such cargoes.

Yes, in all types of transportation (air, sea, land), there are containers (refrigerated containers) or trucks (refrigerated trucks) that can be used to transport such cargoes, and Sama Marwarid Company provides services in all three methods of transportation. Provides humidity with temperature control.

In today’s world and the oceans, in the discussion of international transportation, we see the presence of various lines (Volta, FCSL, Mersilk) and also the presence of the Iranian HDSL line, which Sama Marwarid Company is ready to serve in all lines. that the services and procedures in the foreign line are higher and better.

In sea transportation, some cargoes are smaller or have a low weight and do not fill a 20-foot or 40-foot container, so they are called bulk cargo or groupage, and in most cases, it is not cost-effective in the form of FCL. This type of cargo is called LCL, and the term FCL means a full container, which is reserved at the customer’s request.

Yes, in Sama Marwarid Asia Company, it is possible that you can pay in both foreign currency and Riyal, as well as inside and outside the country and settle the account.


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