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Our Story

To prevent optimal service at the minimum cost and to take advantage of the knowledge of experienced personnel and experts in international transportation, Sama-Morvarid-Asia International Co. is prepared to provide services along with all logistics services for businessmen and consignees from all over the world to Iran and vice versa –by air, sea, or land – with emphasis on speed of shipping, quality of services, and competitive rates.


Our Vision: To be Iran’s most dynamic logistics company

In view of the sensitivity and importance of the issue of shipment in international trades and its demanding nature as the last supply chain, Sama-Morvarid-Asia International Co. is prepared to do its utmost to reduce pressure on consignees by making them aware of the timely information from the start of the shipping operations to the delivery of the goods at the destination customs and the location of their goods all the time using the latest control systems and the information received from its representatives.



To provide the best services, to have access to the daily prices of the global transport market, and to boost customer confidence, Sama-Morvarid-Asia International Co. is honored to announce its membership in the JCtrans Worldwide Transportation and Logistics Network. The company is also an agent for other logistics departments.


Innovative Approach

Sama-Morvarid-Asia International Co. is required to act as a trustworthy adviser and to offer advice to you about all aspects of international transportation, including the selection of transportation mode, the choice of optimum transportation method based on the origin, destination, nature of goods, and the speed and safety of the route, with an emphasis on the speed of shipping operations and cutting costs.


According to the operating conditions in Iran’s commerce sector, Sama-Morvarid-Asia International Co. is qualified to transship and directly carry goods through the companies disqualified from meeting the conditions of sales to Iran.


Dynamic Services

Combing our innovative approach with our team’s decades of experience in Sama-Morvarid-Asia International Co. is services below:

  • Marine shipping using different kinds of containers in the form full our groupage from all parts of the world to Iranian ports and vice versa
  • Ocean shipping in bulk
  • Refrigerator and non-refrigerator shipping of aerial goods from all over the world to Iran and vice versa
  • Land transport from all European ports and other parts of the world in full or groupage by the truck using Iranian and foreign fleet
  • Shipping perishable products by refrigerated trucks
  • Transportation of project goods and heavy products with non-standard dimensions by particular trucks from all over the world to Iran and vice versa
  • Internal transit from all customs on arrival
  • Multi-dimensional, combined shipping (using several modes of transportation to ship the freight)
  • Shipping of dangerous products using various means of transport (by air, land, and sea)

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